"Ateshgah" temple

How can I visit the "Ateshgah" temple, which annually have 15 000

14.08.2018 00:00

BTA completed the implementation of measures that were taken to improve traffic conditions on another road

Baku Transport Agency continues to implement projects aimed at eliminating traffic jams and solving other problems. Work is being done to eliminate the factors that impede movement on the busiest roads of the city. As part of this, work was done to improve the transport conditions near the pedestrian crossing, in

03.08.2018 00:00

Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex

History is the past and the future of every nation. You can have a rest by visiting Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

25.07.2018 00:00

BTA launches social enlightenment project "Love-Responsibility"

The Baku Transport Agency launches a new project of social enlightenment under the motto "Love-Responsibility". The goal is to raise awareness of road users about road safety, ethical behavior in public transport and other important issues. Within the framework of the project, posters

16.07.2018 00:00

"Let's make roads unhindered"

Baku Transport Agency continues to inform about the accessibility of the capital's roads for people with disabilities. We present the following video, prepared in this project. The video notes that the measures taken to ensure the accessibility of urban roads for people with disabilities are a manifestation of special care and attention of the state to those in

09.03.2018 00:00

BTA congratulates women, working in the sphere of public services

The Baku Transport Agency arranged an interesting action on occasion of March 8 - the International Women's Day. Within the framework of the action, the Agency employees congratulated women, working in the sphere of public services. Women engaged in cleaning roads in capital were given flowers and gift cards for shopping from food

08.03.2018 00:00

Measures to arrange traffic around secondary schools No 189 and 190

The Baku Transport Agency jointly with the Ministry of  Education has studied the transport conditions in the area of secondary schools No 189 and 190, improving the road infrastructure and, most importantly, ensuring security of pedestrians. A pilot proposal was developed based on the achieved results. A number of transport problems that may cause traffic

24.01.2018 00:00

Draft proposal of the Baku Transport Agency on Sakit Gojayev street

Specialists of the Baku Transport Agency carried out research in connection with the organization of traffic on Sakit Gojayev Street in Bakikhanov settlement. It identified the need for a number of transport measures to improve the road infrastructure and create the necessary conditions on the street. Revealed shortcomings 1. Due

17.01.2018 00:00

BTA prepares proposals to prevent random traffic and traffic jams towards Koroglu metro station (in the form of a pyramid)

The Baku Transport Agency has prepared proposals to prevent chaotic movement of traffic and traffic jams in the evening hours before the Koroglu metro station exit (in the form of a pyramid) in the direction from the center to the airport. The situation observed in this area in the evening hours’ causes serious

27.12.2017 00:00

Joint project of BTA and Yasamal Residential Complex of the State Agency for Housing Construction, related to transport issues

The State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Baku Transport Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan presented a joint project. As a result of effective cooperation between the two structures, work to organize the convenient movement of vehicles and pedestrians has begun on the territory of the Yasamal

30.11.2017 00:00


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