‘WE SHARE THE SAME ROAD’ public awareness campaign

18.05.2017 00:00

The road plays a very important role in our everyday life.  In one form or another, each of us is a participant in the road traffic. We can participate in it as a pedestrian, driver or a passenger. For this reason, negative or positive events occurring on the road play an important role in the life of each of us and have a direct impact on our mood. Failure by drivers or passengers to follow the rules of ethics in public transport or violation of traffic rules by pedestrians or drivers causes a number of negative events. The solution of these problems depends not only on the effective operation of various state structures, but also on the direct public participation in this process. The more patience and responsibility each member of the community will demonstrate in relation to himself and others, the easier it will be to achieve the common goal facing each of us.

The means of awareness propaganda used within the framework of the "WE SHARE THE SAME ROAD" campaign, the study of the opinion of masses using public transport, the cooperation with various state structures and non-governmental organizations and other socially oriented actions will help in the search for solutions to these problems.

Our goals

* Not only to draw public attention through the means of public awareness, but also to encourage the public to jointly combat problems in the transport sector;

* To provide traffic participants with innovative and reliable transport services;

* To motivate drivers, passengers and pedestrians to exemplary behavior with awareness of their own social responsibility;

* Considering that the campaign is socially oriented, to study and use the public opinion, suggestions and complaints.

The project will cover Baku, and within the framework of the campaign cooperation with students of various higher educational institutions, state structures, non-governmental organizations will be maintained.


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