Transport activities held on the day of the Closing Ceremony of the IV Games of Islamic Solidarity

On the day of the closing ceremony of the IV Games of Islamic Solidarity, the transportation of spectators with tickets from the places identified on three express lines (from near the metro stations  “20 Yanvar", "Ganjlik" and "Gara Garayev") to the Baku Olympic Stadium, and back following the completion of the ceremony until 02.00 am was provided by the Baku Transport Agency. A total of 433 vehicles were attracted to the Public Transport Terminal of the Baku Olympic Stadium for carrying out transport operations envisaged in accordance with the plan. 36 other buses were standing ready as spare.

From 9.00 to 12.00, after a technical check-up, the buses moving along the express lines gathered at the Public Transport Terminal of the Baku Olympic Stadium, and the drivers underwent a medical examination. As a result, 7 drivers were suspended from work on the line due to high pressure. During the closing ceremony, 23,164 passengers were transported to the stadium, and after the closing ceremony, 22,651 passengers were taken from the stadium to the designated points.

• 137 X1 line buses transported 9138 passengers, and 103 buses  7,092 passengers;

• 157 X2 line buses transported 9,240 passengers, and 160 buses 9,467 passengers;

• 125 X3 line buses transported 4,386 passengers, and 107 buses 5,692 passengers;

• In addition, 11 buses transported 400 police academy graduates.

In order to ensure comfortable movement of passengers transported by express buses to various points of the city, passenger buses along all the route lines worked until 02.30 am.

In addition, BTA employees sent several volunteers by cars to the Buzovna settlement from H.Aslanov metro station.

One of the passengers of the Express Line bus (further investigation showed that he is a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran) forgot his mobile phone on the bus, and another left a bag with a purse, two mobile phones and personal belongings. All these things were returned to the owners by the employees of the Baku Transport Agency.


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