“Lokbatan” Transport Exchange Centre (Hub)

Baku Transport Agency successfully implemented another project in the framework of “Hubs Concept” jointly prepared by local and international experts. New hub has been created around “Lokbatan” roundabout. The purpose of Hub creation is to form high quality, efficient and safe transport system model at the south gate of the capital.

For convenience of passengers 5 bus shelters have been installed at “Lokbatan” Hub, where 70-80 medium and large buses of 14 routes are operating providing services of regular passenger transportation between settlements of Garadagh District and city centre.

Another important issue that stipulated creation of “Lokbatan” Hub was bus services to different cities and regions of the country provided by 50-60 small and large buses (at specified intervals) from near the roundabout, as well as by taxi drivers. Chaotic movements of various types of vehicles servicing passengers in the “Lokbatan” roundabout direction were creating serious danger to passenger safety. Especially due to lack of parking and waiting areas on the road, passengers were standing in different parts of the road in order to use bus service. These factors had been causing safety issues with passenger bus and taxi usage (getting on and off buses was dangerous), and traffic jams and transport delays at peak hours.


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