"20 Yanvar" Project

One more project of Baku Transport Agency aimed at continuous and safe movement of vehicles is underway - implementation of proposals on elimination of traffic congestion regularly observed at the “20 January” roundabout. While preparing proposals Baku Transport Agency's experts conducted a comprehensive investigation in the area, traffic flow have been thoroughly analysed. At initial stage of the project, State Traffic Police Department of Baku Main Police Office installed traffic lights to defined areas at “20 January” roundabout. The following proposals (some of them have already implemented) will serve to eliminate conflict points and delays in the movement of vehicles at “20 January” roundabout:

1. Traffic management using 2-phase mode traffic lights at roundabout;

2. Increasing the number of lanes to 6 lanes on the road coming to the roundabout from Moscow Avenue;

3. Diverting vehicles moving in the direction of Tbilisi Avenue from Moscow Avenue to Tbilisi Avenue through Hasanbey Zardabi Street by placing a directional islet;

4. Diverting vehicles entering the roundabout from Muzaffar Hasanov to the Hasanbey Zardabi Street by placing a directional islet into roundabout section;

5. Organization of U-turn place through expanding road in the Hasanbey Zardabi Street, using drop type turn for cars and half-drop type turn for public vehicles in order to ensure inclusion of transport flow into roundabout which directed to the Hasanbey Zardabi Street from Muzaffar Hasanov Street through expanding road in the Hasanbey Zardabi Street;

6. Diverting vehicles moving through Hasanbey Zardabi Street to the 3rd microdistrict roundabout, by placing a directional islet on the junction of traffic flow incoming from Moscow Avenue.


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