Transport Exchange Centres (HUB)

Creation of HUBs in the public transport system of the capital is an initiative of the Baku Transport Agency. Hubs are put forward as means of optimisation of the capital’s public transport system. The main function of the Hubs created at the entrance points of the city is to collect in these centres buses moving from suburban areas to the city centre. Hub can prevent chaotic traffic movement of buses in the central part of the city. Thus, buses coming from nearby villages and settlements will enter the Hubs.

One of the first actions of the Baku Transportation Agency in the field of transport was the establishment of Hubs. The first pilot project was prepared for the vicinity of the “Koroglu” metro station. Hubs is passengers’ interchange point for different modes of transport (bus, metro, taxi etc.).

The main objective of the “Koroglu” Hub:

1. Improving the efficiency and quality of passenger service;

2. Providing safe and comfortable transport for passengers;

3. Coordination of buses moving at Ziya Bunyadov and Qara Qarayev Avenues;

4. Elimination of congestion created near “Koroğlu” metro station by buses, cars and taxis;

5. Increase the traffic intensity by elimination of obstacles created by vehicle on Heydar Aliyev Avenue;

6. Prevention of violations and accidents by coordinating all buses through one Hub;

7. Completion of the modern image of Heydar Aliyev Avenue.


Hub is located on the area of “Koroglu” metro station, on the north-west part of the Ziya Bünyadov and Heydar Aliyev Avenues intersection.

Hub’s area consists of 4 parts:

1. Bus stop in the hub area (23,700 m²);

2. Private car parking space (19,000 m²);

3. Express buses’ stop – “only disembark” territory (2,800 m²);

4. Taxi ranks (1,350 m²).

In April 2016 first hub was established around “Koroglu” metro station and expected results were fully achieved. Chaotic traffic and pedestrian movement during peak hours are no more observed in this area. There are 15 bus shelters in the hub, and information boards about the rules of behaviour in public transport. 29 bus lines enter the “Koroglu” hub from different suburban districts.

In the upcoming months, new hubs will be established around “Lokbatan circle”, “Avtovagzal”, “Darnagul” and “28 May” metro stations. The construction works of new hub are nearly completed around “Lokbatan” circle.


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