Measures are being taken to improve traffic in the village of Ramana

20.07.2022 17:03

The Baku Transport Agency, under the leadership of the head of the Baku City Executive Power, continues to take measures to improve traffic conditions in the capital, ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. As part of this, on the basis of citizens' appeals, a number of measures have been launched in the territory of the Ramana village of the Sabunchu district. First of all, relevant analyzes were carried out on the indicated section of the road, and certain shortcomings were found:

• Lack of sidewalks for pedestrians;

• High risk of traffic accidents as a result of vehicles exceeding the permitted speed;

• Lack of appropriate traffic signs and marking lines at pedestrian crossings;

In order to eliminate the above shortcomings, the State Automobile Roads Agency of Azerbaijan is implementing appropriate infrastructure measures based on the project prepared by BTA:

• Organization of a road surface with a total length of 950 m in both directions, as well as ramps to ensure the comfort and safety of people with disabilities, the elderly and people with wheelchairs;

• Organization of pedestrian crossings;

• Reducing the speed limit to 40 km/h in order to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and improve traffic safety;

• Installing appropriate road signs and drawing horizontal marking lines.

Thanks to these works, more than 6,000 residents of this area will be provided with comfortable and safe transport.


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