Travel in buses plying on the regular route No. 206 will be paid through BakuCard

13.06.2022 11:13

The process of expanding the scope of application of the non-cash payment system in the route network of the city of Baku continues. Noting the importance of switching to a non-cash payment system in terms of improving the quality of services provided in passenger transportation, we state that integration into BakuCard is also important in terms of increasing the transparency of the system. The system of cashless payments, which is important in terms of solving such important issues as the safety of passenger transportation, also has a positive effect on structural and qualitative changes in the development of entrepreneurship in this area.

From 06/14/2022, fares on buses running on the regular route No. 206 (Lokbatan - Elmler Academy m / s) will be paid using BakuCard.

In the course of work, other routes will gradually be integrated into the cashless payment system. This will be announced in advance.


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