Baku Transport Agency selected as coordinator of European Mobility Week for Azerbaijan

17.05.2022 14:28

By the decision of the secretariat of the European Mobility Week campaign of the European Commission, the Baku Transport Agency, under the leadership of the head of the executive power of Baku city, has been appointed the coordinator of the European Mobility Week for Azerbaijan. The Agency is the first institution in the South Caucasus region to receive the status of national coordinator.

European Mobility Week is the European Commission's flagship information campaign on the theme of Sustainable Urban Mobility. As part of the campaign, countries around the world are encouraging active mobility, public transport and the use of other environmentally friendly vehicles. In 2021, 3,184 cities from 53 countries took part in the campaign.

The agency has joined the European Mobility Week run by the European Union over the past 20 years to promote greater mobility opportunities on 16-22 September 2021 and has represented Baku for the first time in this campaign. As part of the week held under the motto "Streets full of life", the speed limit was reduced to 30 km/h around residential areas and educational institutions, infrastructure and extensive outreach work was carried out to create an accessible and safe environment for pedestrians, a conference and a bicycle march were organized with the participation of international and local organizations. These events generated a lot of interest from local and international institutions as well as from the public.

Negotiations conducted since last year with the secretariat of the European Mobility Week ended with positive results. Due to the scale and effectiveness of the work carried out, the Baku Transport Agency was chosen as the coordinator of the European Mobility Week for Azerbaijan. BTA's coordination will ensure that other interested cities throughout the country participate in this campaign based on the recommendation of the Agency. The 21st European Mobility Week will take place from 16 to 22 September this year. As part of the campaign, the Agency plans to hold large-scale events in Baku.

In general, the Agency's activities are aimed at ensuring sustainable urban mobility, based on modern challenges, which involves a transition from the priority of car traffic to the approach of ensuring human mobility. In order to ensure accessibility and security for everyone in the city of Baku, as well as to achieve sustainable urban mobility, BTA is preparing a Mobility Strategy until 2030, taking into account international experience.

Over the past 6 years, the Agency has implemented various projects on 300 streets and avenues in order to ensure the security and mobility of the capital.

- installed 14,402 road signs, ramps on 191 streets, security barriers on 167 streets, fences on 136 streets;

- the sidewalks of 67 streets have been brought into line with the norms, thereby ensuring the accessibility of about 135 km of sidewalks for comfortable pedestrian movement;

- organized more than 30 different educational events, published about 400 educational posters.


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