Baku Transport Agency becomes partner of a large-scale cleaning campaign

Within the framework of the Social Responsibility projects, the Baku Transport Agency continues to support a number of events for more convenient and safe organization of international events held in our country, as well as to ensure that guests of our city do not use various

09.06.2019 17:00

BTA Board Chairman meets with heads of carrier companies

The Baku Transport Agency has hosted a meeting with the heads of the carrier companies involved in transport operations, provided for in the final match of the UEFA Europa League, held in the capital city. Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the Baku Transport

03.06.2019 17:18

Names of volunteers selected for Transport agent program made public

The interview stage for admission to the volunteer program “Transport Agents”, organized at the Baku Transport Agency as part of the project “Road is Life” has been completed. 60 of the following volunteers who successfully passed the interview stage will participate in the

03.06.2019 11:40

Transportation operations within UEFA Europa League final

For the purpose of timely and highly qualified execution of transport measures envisaged in connection with the final of the UEFA Europa League in Baku, the Baku Transport Agency operated in a special mode on May 20-30. Based on the proposals of UEFA, a transport plan was developed

31.05.2019 14:03

BTA hosts meeting over UEFA Europa League final

The Baku Transport Agency (BTA) has hosted a meeting with the decision makers, controllers and heads of the line brigades of the carrier-companies involved in transport operations envisaged for the final match of the UEFA Europa League, which will be held on May 29 in Baku. During the

27.05.2019 19:25

Interview stage for admission to the “Transport Agents” volunteer program held

A stage of interview as part of the admission to the volunteer program “Transport Agents” of the Baku Transport Agency, an interview was held. During the three-day interview stage, the personal qualities, knowledge and skills of candidates in various fields were assessed. On the

24.05.2019 18:17

Several bus routes to be altered

From 23.05.2019, changes will be made to the bus traffic scheme of regular route lines No. 5, 6, 53, 56, 88, 120, 125 and 205. Changes are made due to a complete restriction of traffic over the reconstruction works on Ahad Yagubov Street, Sabail District. From this date, the buses of

22.05.2019 20:00

Join the survey - Engage your desires!

It has been 40 days since the beginning of the 77-day survey. During this period, 203 volunteers of the Bir student volunteer programs learned the opinion of up to 30,000 capital city residents of various age categories at about 600 stops. Residents of the capital city who wish the

18.05.2019 11:24

Do not make others pay for your mistakes...

The project "Road is life" goes on, considering the role of correct enlightenment of people in formation of a safer transport environment. In order to educate the participants of the movement within the project, a video headlined “Do not make others pay for your mistakes” was

13.05.2019 11:24

07.05.2019 09:44