Two more bus routes combined as part of optimization work

10.09.2019 11:00

Two more bus routes are combined as part of the optimization work. Thus, it was decided to combine the regular bus routes 168 and 186 under one number (number 186). From September 11, 2019, the bus route will be serviced by spacious buses that have been repaired.

Positive aspects of combining routes:

  •  Simplification of trips for residents of the Albalylyg housing area in the direction of the Bakikhanov settlement, Neftchiler metro station, and to the “8th kilometer” bazaar;
  •  Decrease in traffic density on the Zabrat road and in other areas;
  •  Elimination of 24.5 km of repeated following by routes 168 and 186;
  • Simplification of route management;
  • Small buses will be replaced with larger buses.

Note that the call center Alo141 regularly receives appeals from citizens about the technical condition, low capacity and other shortcomings of buses operating on regular routes No. 168 and 186. The similarity of traffic patterns on both lines of the route also causes additional problems.


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