Volunteers visited Bakubus LLC and DTC LLC

24.08.2019 12:10

The trip to Bakubus LLC and DTC LLC was organized with the participation of volunteers of the Transport Agents program, implemented within the framework of the Baku Transport Agency's “Road is Life” program.

Volunteers were informed in detail about the history of Bakubus LLC, the reforms that were undertaken to modernize urban transport, the progress achieved and the work that was done to organize passenger service in accordance with modern requirements. It was noted that environmental protection is one of the basic principles of BakuBus. The same principle applies to the recycling of water used when washing buses at an industrial base. Volunteers also visited the Drivers Training Center and got acquainted with the conditions created here. It was noted that the training provided by the Drivers Training Center will allow drivers to increase their professionalism. Training sessions at the Center mainly cover topics such as “Rules of the Road”, “Theoretical exercises”, “Practical exercises”, “Safe driving” and so on. The Baku Transport Agency implements a volunteering program in accordance with ASAN standard practice, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Volunteering” and on the basis of the President’s recommendation on attracting volunteers to public organizations. The goal of the volunteer program is to support volunteers to improve the road infrastructure of the capital and to inform drivers and passengers. As part of an exciting program developed by the agency, volunteers improve their knowledge and skills through various trainings and participate in various social events. Note that volunteers who successfully complete the 2-month program will receive practical knowledge and ultimately receive a certificate.


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