Innovation in Road Infrastructure on Mohammed Hadi Street

14.08.2019 12:15

On behalf of the head of state, the Baku Transport Agency made a number of changes to the road infrastructure on Mohammed Hadi Street in order to increase traffic safety and ensure free movement of cars in emergency situations.

As part of the planned measures, design work was carried out on the site of Mohammad Hadi Street.

During the design work, elements of modern street design were used. Changes include widening the sidewalk in the direction of the roadway, which has several advantages.

Key benefits of planned changes:

  • Reducing the length of the pedestrian crossing and widening the sidewalk;
  • Regulation of chaotic car parking occurring in the territory;
  • Building the proper turning radius at intersections;
  • Create special stops for buses and taxis.

Completion is scheduled for this month. Similar changes are envisaged in other streets where road infrastructure allows it.


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