Interview stage for admission to the “Transport Agents” volunteer program held

24.05.2019 18:17

A stage of interview as part of the admission to the volunteer program “Transport Agents” of the Baku Transport Agency, an interview was held. During the three-day interview stage, the personal qualities, knowledge and skills of candidates in various fields were assessed. On the basis of the interview, particular attention was paid to the motivation, knowledge and skills of those who wish to become volunteers, and their language skills was also tested.

The results of the interview will be announced in the coming days. Candidates who have successfully passed this stage will have the opportunity to take an internship in the staff and relevant departments of the Baku Transport Agency, as well as take part in various educational projects. For the purpose of the further professional development of volunteers, various trainings and seminars on the essential topics will be organized.

The volunteering lasts for two months. Upon completion of the program, it is planned to issue certificates to volunteers. It should be noted that the volunteer programs of the Baku Transport Agency will be carried out systematically.


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