Participants of the Transport Volunteers program presented project proposals

28.06.2022 16:35

 Participants of the Transport Volunteers program presented project proposals prepared in accordance with the principles of sustainable urban mobility.


   During the 2-month internship, the participants of the Transport Volunteers program improved their knowledge and skills, conducted research and prepared interesting project proposals. The main goal in the preparation of projects is to support the activities of the Baku Transport Agency in the direction of ensuring the accessibility, security and mobility of the capital.


  At the meeting, which was attended by leading specialists of the agency as experts, volunteers worked in teams and discussed topics such as “Roads of the city of Baku”, “Road to education”, “One mistake on the road should not lead to a hundred!”. Innovative projects "A new look at the Koroglu TEC", "Smart HUB", "Pedestrian safety is important", "Small bus depots" were presented. The presentations of the volunteers were received with interest. The proposals that the experts considered to be more realistic and suitable for implementation were highly appreciated.


  For your information, every year BTA supports the best projects, and volunteers are involved in various activities. So far, 20 volunteers have been hired full-time. The Transport Volunteers program has been successfully implemented for the 4th year already. "Transport Volunteers", one of the leading volunteer programs in our country, contributes to the formation of the brand of Azerbaijani volunteers.


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