Baku Transport Agency took part in the events of the international organization

24.06.2022 12:39

The conference of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Baku Transport Agency, under the leadership of the Head of the Baku City Executive Power, also took part in the conference, which was attended by officials from public transport institutions in Turkey, England, Spain, Japan, and Kazakhstan. The conference discussed in detail the issues of ensuring the sustainability of public transport after the Covid-19 pandemic, the application of innovations in this area, the development of new sources of financing and the transition to electric buses in passenger traffic. Taking into account the new challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the deeper application of the principles of sustainable urban mobility, environmental issues and the goals of the long-term development of the public transport system were in the spotlight.

The event also provided information on the activities of the Baku Transport Agency, plans to ensure the stability and uninterrupted operation of public transport in the post-pandemic period, and a new model of public transport management.

Istanbul also hosted the 112th meeting of the "Bus Committee". Established in 1961, the "Bus Committee" involved 50 public transport operators, researchers and decision makers from 25 countries, including Japan, Canada, America and many European countries. The committee's role is to act as an international platform on issues of common interest related to the organization, operation and management of bus systems. At the meeting, they talked about the current situation of passenger traffic after the pandemic, trends, new challenges and long-term plans of several cities. Among the countries belonging to the Eurasian region, the Baku Transport Agency for the first time after Turkey participates in the committee.

With over 2,000 member organizations and companies active in the transport sector from over 100 countries, UITP provides best practices in areas such as developing and managing public transport in line with today's challenges, sustainable urban mobility and organizing road transport. Baku Transport Agency has been a member of UITP since 2018. The agency is also represented in the UITP Executive Committee for the Eurasian region and actively participates in various activities of the organization.


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