The next stage of recruitment for the position of a dispatcher took place in the Unified Centralized Dispatch Service

13.08.2020 15:21

Ensuring fairness, objectivity and transparency, compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation are the main principles in the management of human resources of the Baku Transport Agency. The goal is to create conditions for a citizen applying for a current vacancy to demonstrate his potential, knowledge and skills.

The recruitment process for the dispatcher position in the Unified Centralized Dispatch Service is also carried out in a form consistent with this goal. From more than 300 candidates who applied for the vacancy in electronic form, 80 people were selected who met the requirements, who took part in the test exam. The exams on August 13, 14, 17 and 18 are organized according to the conditions of the pandemic.

Candidates are offered 40 questions related to the specialty, legislation, worldview and logical thinking. To advance to the next round, candidates must answer 50% of the questions correctly. Each question is worth 1 point. The next step will be interviewing successful candidates.

We inform you that the Unified Centralized Dispatch Service will allow you to manage buses from one center. This is important in terms of improving the quality of public transport services. The centralized dispatching service allows more flexible and transparent control of bus traffic patterns, schedules and driver behavior in real time.


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