Baku Transport Agency appeals to the population in connection with the work done during the pandemic and the current situation

09.08.2020 10:17

In our country, systematic work is underway to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the preventive measures taken by the state, there has recently been a positive trend in the fight against coronavirus.

One of the main issues the government pays attention to during the pandemic is providing the population of Baku, especially those working in vital areas, with the necessary public transport services. In accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers, the Baku Transport Agency is taking measures in this direction based on operational and analytical analysis.

From the first day of the pandemic, the frequency of anti-epidemic measures has been increased to protect the health of passengers. All operating buses (1600-1800) and more than 3000 taxis are disinfected daily. About 2000 buses have an antiseptic solution. Transparent partitions are installed in 1,425 buses and more than 3,000 taxis. Also, disinfection measures are taken at existing parking lots, at vehicle exchange points and bus stops.

Appropriate measures were taken to protect the health of drivers, dispatchers and other personnel. As a result, there were no cases of mass infection of drivers, which is very important from the point of view of organizing passenger traffic.

In addition to daily passenger traffic, 473 buses were used in the regions and 372 in Baku to transport medical personnel and other persons to quarantine zones and hospitals at the request of TƏBIB.

If the movement of the metro is limited and its subsequent closure, the transportation of passengers is carried out only by bus. Since March 24, 7 express routes have been put into operation, which meet the needs of about half a million regular metro users. More than 1,900 buses were used on 160 routes. From March 24 to August 6, 2 795 613 passengers were transported by 7 express buses. From March 1 to August 6, the total number of passengers transported by buses amounted to 137 292 769 people.

The relaxation of the last strict quarantine regime has led to a sharp increase in passenger demand. Daily passenger traffic increased by 17-25%. To meet the growing demand, the existing bus depot of all carriers is fully operational. Compared to the normal summer mode, 45% more buses now run on the line.

In addition, from August 10, 5 additional express lines will be put into operation, using about 80 buses in stages. 3 of these lines will operate in nearby settlements. Thanks to this, about 36-40 thousand passengers will have free access to the city center during the day in the direction of Mardakan, Mashtag, Bilgah and Nardaran.

In addition to the above, the necessary road traffic control measures are being taken to manage the growing passenger and traffic flows. In this context, the use of the green wave mode for traffic lights on 130 streets and avenues with heavy traffic has been strengthened. Increased control over the most popular parking lots. Prompt measures are being taken to remove obstacles to the movement of buses in these directions. In addition to BTA employees, more than 100 volunteers were involved in paid public works to monitor the operation of routes and the use of masks.

On the initiative of the Baku Transport Agency, the introduction of a staged working time regime began. The goal is to reduce the number of passengers on buses during peak hours. This system also reduces traffic on the roads. Based on the analysis, it was determined that the difference in the average number of trips on regular and express routes before and after the introduction of phased working hours was only 2.8%. This gives reason to say that the phased working time is not fully observed, and therefore it was not possible to achieve the desired result.

For information, after the last easing of quarantine, the traffic volume on the roads has increased significantly. This, in turn, leads to congestion during peak hours. At the same time, traffic accidents have become more frequent in recent days. Only on August 7, 5 road accidents occurred on Z. Bunyadova Avenue. This leads to a violation of the interval for buses on 5 regular and 1 express routes passing through this section. As a result, additional congestion occurs at bus stops.

We note the importance of having separate traffic lanes for the safe and uninterrupted movement of passenger buses in order to avoid such unpleasant situations. The presence of these lanes during the current pandemic is very important in terms of regulating the intervals between buses. At the initial stage, we prepared a proposal for the organization of such lanes on 22 streets and avenues and submitted it to the relevant authorities.

Therefore, we ask all road users to comply with the rules of the road and quarantine. Passengers are advised not to use buses during peak hours in the morning and evening, unless absolutely necessary. We urge car drivers to take special care of passenger buses while driving. Let's not forget that buses are important because they contain our citizens and passengers.


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