Changes will be made to the regular bus routes 117, 185 and 206 from 01.25.2020

23.01.2020 15:00

Changes in the scheme of bus traffic on 3 regular routes were made taking into account the incoming requests of citizens.

According to regular route No. 117, buses will go to the Lokbatan Transport Exchange Center on Salyan highway. Due to the poor condition of the road connecting Bina and Sadarak shopping centers, buses could not comfortably drive there. This situation also caused serious concern for passengers.

On route No. 185, buses will pass through the streets of Yusif Valiev - Dadash Vasif - Israfil Mammadov.

The bus route No. 206 has also been changed. According to the amendment, buses on this route will go to the area called "New Homes" in the village of Lokbatan. This will allow residents living in the area to comfortably get to the Academy of Sciences metro station.

These changes will enter into force on 01.25.2020.


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