Starting from 01/23/2020, 12-meter buses of the İsuzu Citiport brand will be used in the regular passenger route No. 199.

22.01.2020 15:30

İsuzu Citiport 12-meter buses will be used in regular passenger route No. 199. At the request of the Baku Transport Agency, Halik Faygoglu company replaced 20 of the existing buses with İsuzu Citiport 12-meter buses. Buses that meet the requirements of passenger traffic will be available to passengers from 01/23/2020.

Buses that improve the quality of passenger service can be used both by disabled people and passengers with prams. There is a special mechanism in the buses for this.

Measures are being taken to replace other buses along the route with new vehicles.

The bus fleet is being updated to modernize the capital's public transport system.


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