The Baku Transport Agency has introduced an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

The IMS policy is consistent with the goals and context of the enterprise and supports the strategic direction of the enterprise.

The scope of the IMS policy includes:


Regulation of the public transport system and traffic management


Agency obligations to interested parties:


  1. Citizens. Main users of agency services:

a. The agency exercises regulation and control in the field of regular passenger traffic and provides passengers with quality services.

b. The Agency also implements relevant projects and organizes infrastructure to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.


  1. Society:

a. Proper training of people to create a safe and reliable transport environment;

b. To contribute to the improvement of the transport sector through the implementation of social programs and projects.


  1.  Employees:

a. Continuous improvement of the IMS used at the enterprise;

b. Prevention of injuries and diseases to ensure health and safety in the workplace;

c. Reducing risks and dangers to health and safety;

d. Provide consultation and involvement of employees in the improvement of IMS.


  1. Legislature:

a. Fulfillment of legislative and other requirements related to the activities of the Agency;

b. Environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution by public transport and the fulfillment of other obligations, depending on the purpose of the enterprise.


The main principles of the IMS policy are:


  1. Joint work planning of structural divisions to increase the efficiency of administrative buildings and processes;
  2. Improve the reliability of existing vehicles and other service equipment; apply new methods of vehicle maintenance and, if necessary, new, environmentally friendly fuel technologies to protect the environment;
  3. Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction of the needs and expectations of citizens.
  4. Create a management system aimed at determining the maximum potential of employees and ensuring maximum return on investment in their development;
  5. Bringing the professionalism of employees in accordance with the requirements of international standards;
  6. The formation of personnel to initiate innovation in all areas of activity.


The leadership of the Baku Transport Agency assures that the IMS policy:


  1. Available and stored as documented information;
  2. It is provided to employees, is understandable and applied at the enterprise;
  3. Available to interested parties;
  4. Expediency of application is regularly analyzed.


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